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Good things clients have to say

We have had many clients state:

  • My life seems lighter
  • I am able to think about the future now
  • Concentration is much easier with out the negative self talk
  • The world seems different ... brighter, less heavy
  • Things don't take as much effort now
  • I am able to let go, no longer feeling the need to be constantly controlling everything and everybody

Laura and Rob are very warm and welcoming. I instantly felt comfortable in their presence. And they've been through life traumas as well, so they understand. Not only can they connect with you, but they're able to empathize as well. But there's no sap. They're serious about getting to the root cause of negative pent up emotions and they're extremely skilled with Time Line Therapy.

Through Time Line Therapy, I learned that the stories we tell ourselves, or essentially believe about ourselves, are not necessarily true. Especially if they are based on a negative narrative of our past. Laura and Rob assisted me in letting go of destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, shame, depression guilt and resentment. The process was empowering and my journey with them was full of new insights and epiphanies. They seems to have an intuitive understanding of me. It was awesome!! I fell somewhat transformed in the way I see the world now - it's with a different lens. Laura and Rob assisted me in letting go of a false belief about my past and my self concept.

For me, the objective of Time Line Therapy worked and resulted in a significant life shift. I no longer feel stuck and I've been able to move forward from past traumas. I walk around with "perma smile" and confidence in myself. I am a different person with a new identity and I'm thrilled to be living my life with zest and vigor! I highly recommend Laura and Rob as being very effective if you have experienced trauma in your life. Their team approach, as husband and wife duo, adds to the success and power of the therapeutic process. I needed their level of support and their ability to assist me in getting to the root cause of my anxiety and depression. As Laura and Rob would say, I have the "Learnings" and the path ahead is with assurance, courage and faith. It's a new beginning and I'm genuinely excited about the future. I'm finally living my life!! WA

"I was apprehensive when I started this process... I am a single Mom making a career change, like many others I could not get past taking the training. I am now on my way to reaching my goal. I have noted many positive changes, such as I am more relaxed and find life flows. I now look toward the future with a sense of hope. Thanks again"


"Since working with Laura my life has changed in many ways. In particular I find I put less energy into thinking about all the things that need to be done and more energy into getting them completed. Life is more peaceful and much calmer. Friends, Family and Clients are asking what changes I have made, as they also would like to experience these changes for themselves.

Looking forward to continuing the journey."


"The time my husband and I spent with Laura was a positive experience for each of us and has helped us improve the quality of our communication with each other. With a new found courage I have been able to take my life in new directions without being afraid of change. Thank you"


"The ancient proverb "physician heal thy self" pervades our culture. Many of us think we should be able to heal ourselves. And after working with Laura, I have come to appreciate that we can heal ourselves with the help of a trained healing practitioner. With Laura's help we identified the "Root Causes" that were increasing my anxiety and stress following the loss of my husband. Without this stress and anxiety, I have renewed hope. I have more confidence in the future. More importantly, I have the healthy heart and mind that my body needs to stay healthy. Thank you Laura."

Linda T.

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